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UTOPIA utilize a set of instruments and tools blended in a complex system. With these we can transpose real situations into a virtual world, with huge economical benefits, but not only.

In fact thanks to our skills we have developed a proprietary technique to minimize computing space preserving, at the same time, a very high 3D definition level both for objects and environments.

Rilievi con Laser scanner Leica P40


All scansions’ results, cloud of points, photogrammetry acquisitions and spectrometer data are blended together (proprietary software) e are used to generate virtual environments where we can move within, recreate real situations and navigate interactively as in reality.

UTOPIA products can be used both as analysis tools and a training material in VR/AR allowing the customer a real experience irrespective from his/her physical location.


Immersive VR is a digital three-dimensional space accessible by wearing a 3D viewer. Empathy is at maximum level and you have a concrete perception, through specif controllers you can interact with objects. In AR instead digital information is overlapped on sensory perception.


IA allows a quick and efficient processing of a huge amount of data to recognise objects and animals but also to extrapolate infomation and execute real time controls without distractions. 


Through the collected data processing is possible to rebuild a three-dimensional space within which we can picture in the round objects, sites and panoramas that are also covertible into 360° videos.

VR Applications

The use of VR is limitless, offering a maximum level of empathy differently from the traditional on-screen simulations, such real is the experience of living places and situations. It is a replica of the real world where using controllers we can really interact with the environment. See the video as an example.


UTOPIA translate in 3D environments/objects with an un-parallel and unique definition quality both for the forms and dimensions and colors and material compositions frequently not even visible to human eyes but nonetheless important to understand objects and site (also through different time and ages).

Thanks to our scanning technique combining various survey instruments: photogrammetry, laser scanning and multispectral analysis, UTOPIA can analyze, plan and propose an ample spectrum of studies/applications for various sites/objects.


Photogrammetry is an advaced photographic technique that allows to detect the appearance and texture of an object or area with high definition images. UTOPIA can reach up to 11k detail.


Laser scanning measures the distance between the object/area surfaces, defining its volumes in the 3D space.


Multispectral Analysis recognises the “spectral signautre” of a specific object measuring the electromagnetic energy on different wavelenghts and then create a multiband image.

The process of data acquisition

How does the process of data acquisition take place? Depending on the object or environment to be analyzed we adopt different survey systems. On land one of the UTOPIA scanning systems can be wheel moved, while timing varies based on the area’s dimension. Here a short video showing how data acquisition happen with UTOPIA system.

The process: from a cloud of points to VR

  • 1.

  • 2.

Defining survey area

area identification and more suitable survey methodology

Data acquisition

Photogrammetry survey, laser scanning and spectrometric analysis
  • 3.

  • 4.

  • 5.

Data computing

The huge data sets from the various acquisitions are digitally compounded

3D model building

Using the data set the object/site is 3D built with textures application


Once the model is available it become the VR or AR environment for a real high definition experience to be used in unlimited applications.

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