Perspectives and Opportunities

The digital technologies use is no longer for visionary companies but it is nowadays part of investment and development plans in every company/organization which are seeing with growing interest at VR and AR solutions, Robotics, 3D printing and IOT (knows as IDC: Innovation Accelerators).

Companies are looking at those Accelerators as new innovation ways for their own processes and how they propose themselves to the market but also to develop traditional businesses in more efficient and financially viable solutions.

The evolution path linked to Digital Transformation is more and more evident. Italian Companies and Organizations are shifting investments from traditional solutions to third platform technologies (like Cloud Computing, Big Data, Analytics, and so on) and towards Innovations Accelerators (IOT, Robotics, AI, VR, AR and 3D printing).

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Emerging Technology Market 2019

Fonte: Elaborazioni IDC 2018

Italian Market

The VR and AR market, defined as Italian Companies expenditure for VR and AR solutions and wearable is still limited but it is foreseen to increase sharply, bypassing the consumers expenditure, in very few years.

In fact, these solutions/products that so fare have attracted consumer market are now becoming normal also in business processes and companies are start using them both internally and externally to manage customers. VR and AR tools as well as wearables free users’ hands and in doing so the operational potential is expanded; their use will change the way we work and like mobile devices did few years ago they will change the companies production fleets with a direct impact on ICT and organizational costs structure.

On the side chart some indications about the period 2017-2019 both for the emergent technologies and for the VR AR market in Italy.

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