We combine Real and Virtual

UTOPIA was born in Turin in 2016 and registered as Innovative Startup since November 2019. UTOPIA make use of VR, Laser Scanning and 3D modeling to offer products to customers aiming at optimization of maintenance processes, training and controls.

VR and AR offer value for money solutions in the areas of education, training and maintenance and open up a wide range of perspectives in the commercial and marketing area, UTOPIA services guarantee products innovation and logistic optimization for customers in every sector and of all dimensions.

UTOPIA VR Virtual Reality

Do you want to know more? Call us now!

Do you want to know more? Call us now!


Historical and Archeological sites

Thanks to UTOPIA technologies it is possible to generate 3D replication of entire objects and sites of high historical and cultural value

Training in VR

UTOPIA technologies allow for v-learning AI assisted tools optimizing outcomes

Maintenance, training and learning

UTOPIA allow for training of maintenance work forces with high cost reduction in a much safer modality

Managing of Critical Situations

With UTOPA tools it is possible to simulate with real precision high risk environments to manage critical/risky situations

Imaging and Video Analysis

AI can analyze huge quantities of images and videos detecting required information in real time

Objects and Animals’ detection

UTOPIA technologies allow for analysis and detection of whatever elements: objects, animals, places …



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