• Founding Time and Place

    Deed of Establishment 04/03/2016 in TORINO at Notaio Alessio Paradiso registered with the chamber of commerce of Turin (REA Number: TO – 1218106), Registered in the Special Register of INNOVATIVE START UPS on November 20 2019

  • Main Offices and Separate Branches

    Current Offices: Corso Orbassano 416/8c – Zip Code: 10137 Turin – ITALY

    New Offices (from April 2020): Via Tunisia, 3 – Zip Code: 10093 Collegno (Turin) – ITALY

  • Social Object

    The company has as Social Object the following activities: a) development, production, assembly and commerce, for experimental activities and commercial services,  of sensors and visual equipment,. b) Elaboration, ecperimentation and implemantation of research with application development and technological solution in the following fields: virtual reality , augmented reality and artificial intelligence,

  • Activities short description, including business and R&D expense

    UTOPIA creates “TAYLOR MADE” virtual scenarios  which can totally transform training  processes of specialised technical staff.  Especially for companies that produce advanced and complex technologies (areas: aereospace, shipbuilding, mechanical, elettronics)

    Annual training expenses are an important cost component for these kind of companies.

    With our innovative solutions current training shall be covered up to the 80%  of total hours of training. Moreover users will be able to train without moving from their place of work, also with the chance to work in teams (physically apart but virtually close) on the same platform.

    UTOPIA invests many resources in many fields: great efforts are used to realize POCs in differents areas of interest, to show our clients the efficacy of our virtual and augmented reality solutions; thereby we aim to hire at least 10 new programmers during 2020.

    Further investments are made to acquire new technologies (especially hardware and machines to make high performance surveys).

    Others further investments are made to create prototypes, made by new generation cameras enhanced by AI algorithms that support machinery work on the street level.

  • Membership list, with transparency concerning trust companies, holding with self certification of truthfulness

    VIRGILLITO MARIA ELISA GRAZIA : graduated in Social and Advertising Communication

    RENASCENTIA VALUE LTD: UK company specialized in innovative start up investments and corporate scale-up.

    MCR TRUST COMPANY S.R.L.: Italiana company specialized in real estate and partecupation investments.

  • Investee companies list:


  • Qualifications and professional experiences of members and staff working at the innovative start-up, sensitive data excluded:

    Giorgio Massimiliano Grasso President and CEO – 51 anni

    Master in economics – FINANCIAL ADVISOR EFPA_ 30 years of experience as Financial Advisor, Family Officer and Client Portfolio Manager at international level; strong focus on italian market. Marketing & Finance manager.

    Roberto Chiesa – CEO– 54 anni

    Entrepreneur with 34 years of experience in IT field, logistics;
    Market Leader in videosurveillance equipment production.
    Production and Control manager.

    Alessandro Calesso IT manager – 41 anni

    20 years of experience in gaming and video field – Image industry; Professional activities in 3D, VR, AR and AI filed; Transversal skills in «Vertical Sector» (Aerospace & Defense, Construction & Engineering, Electrical Equipment, Machinery, Distributors & Wholesale)

    Luigi Mennella Advisor: istitutional relation manager.

    Graduated in Strategical Sciences and Master in Economics and Administration.

    Banker and financial market participant from 25 anni at global level;
    20 years experience as Italian Army Officer as Business & Finance manger.

    UTOPIA srl staff iclude other 2 senior  programmers hired with open-ended contract specialized in VR coding.

  • Indication of professional, collaboration or commercial relationships with certified incubators;

    info@vtopia-vr.com       Utopia s.r.l.        www.vtopia-vr.com

  • List of industrial and intellectual property rights:

    Trademark “UTOPIA” registered in all Europe. Application n. 18128897, registered on September 25 2019, to UTOPIA S.R.L