Machine learning and computer vision

Recent development in the realm of AI both in terms of software and hardware are radically transforming the embedded potential of every tech appliance.

Among the various fields of application image recognition is one that brings the higher benefits. Put it simply every tech appliance can be enhanced with recognition capacity, for instance a video camera can learn how to detect everything that it records depending on how we train it.

It also means that a computer can analyze satellite images, videos and whatever else source of information to detect those we need without any human supervision.




AI Performance and use

Worth to be noted is the relative simplicity of how nowadays we can realize or easily adapt existing hardware platforms. Notwithstanding IOT development that allows us to acquire and process data on the cloud with videos and images the simple data transmission problematics (latency) are still relevant.

Thanks to new appliances at different quality and computing power (inference) for real-time data processing we can embed IA algorithms, sometimes highly complex, at a minimal cost.

In this way we can create analytical and detective processes which, both for speed and accuracy, are not comparable with the traditional solutions.

Objects or animal recognition in movement
Georeferencing of everything we need to observe
Object recognition from satellite maps
Database extrapolation (images/videos)
Sites and sigthseen recognition
Control and alarm systems for private access

Hardware and AI enhancement

UTOPIA is capable of AI enhance hardware with or without connectivity (and subsequent elimination of data cloud upload). In doing so the appliance continues to work without internet connection. We can apply this enhancement to various instruments.

For instance, with video cameras we can process data directly on-device eliminating whatsoever latency problem (a huge plus for real-time needs). Data are shared on a need-only bases guaranteeing security and privacy at the highest level. Normally these are devices at low power consumption apt for long-term monitoring.

When top of the range performances are required we can use industrial video cameras, stronger, with higher quality images and frames. These are devices for mission critical situations. Furthermore multispectral option can bring us over and above the human visual capacity.

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